EUTFashion has set out the fundamentals for a full business format franchise which incorporates the right for the franchisee (whether an individual or company) to operate specialty retails boutiques under the Blush! trade name and trademarks.

The franchise agreement is for an initial three years with an option to renew another three years. The renewal fee is 50% of the franchise fee or 1% of gross sales for the last 12 months, whichever is higher.

The franchisee contributes 3% of quarterly gross sales to a centralised marketing fund.


Branding: National branding & marketing support is provided by the franchisor whenever applicable

Site Selection: Consultation and advice on site selection criteria, location, suitability and acquisition of store premises

Store Layout and Design:Total store layout and design concept created by internationally renowned design consultant for the Blush! chain of boutiques. Includes standard construction and conversion plans and specifications for internal layout, signs, fixtures and fittings, and refurbishment of shop premises in accordance with the Blush! system.

Advertising and Promotion: The franchisor will match franchisee’s A&P outlay up to 1.5% of annual gross sales for local advertising. A national franchise-wide marketing fund will be set up for national A&P activities whenever applicable.

Franchising: The Blush! franchise system was develop together with an International Consulting Firm. The Master franchise and single-unit franchise is offered for Blush!

EUTFashion will be providing the following support services to each franchisee:

Centralised Purchasing Function: All brands and product mix are sourced completely by the franchisor and supplied to the franchisee.

Preparation and Setting-up: On site supervision and consultation for pre-opening and launch activities

Comprehensive Initial Training: Training for key employees and personal of franchisee in the standard procedures, product knowledge, techniques and methods comprising the Blush! system.

On-going Support and R&D: The franchisor will provide the franchisee with advice, know-how and guidance relating to the management, finance, promotion and methods of operation, and will make available to members of the franchisee staff for onsite assistance. The franchisor will also continue to improve and develop the Blush! system and will transfer the benefit of such-outgoing R&D to the franchisee.


Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ) On Blush! Franchising

What business qualifications are required from potential Blush! franchisee? Blush! seeks candidate who possess the following qualifications:

  • Personal integrity
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for success
  • Ability to motivate and train people
  • Ability to manage finances
  • Able to manage day to day operation of the boutique
  • Able and willing to learn and undergo the initial and on-going training provided by the franchisor.
  • Financial capability
  • Existing corporate business activities
  • Corporate interest and commitment
  • Personal attributes of the corporate manager who will head the business

Is there any royalty fee? Yes. Royalty will be at 2% on monthly net sales.

How much is required for the renovation cost and security deposits? The amount of the renovation cost and security deposits would largely depend on the size of your boutique.

What kind of advertising support do I get? As a franchisee, you will benefit from the centralised A&P activities of the franchisor. The franchisor will plan and implement A&P activities throughout the year.

Is there any franchise fee? Yes, The franchise fee is US$ 20 000 upfront, one-time payment to the franchisor.

Blush! Partnership

Our franchising system is built on the premise that we can only be successful if our franchisees are successful. With the Blush! Franchising System, we ensure that our partners are trained, knowledgeable and well-supported for us to be able to maximize the growth of our business.